NSK iClave Plus Autoclave


External dimensions : W445 x D532 x H428 (mm)

Chamber dimensions : ø240 x 384 (mm)

Chamber capacity : 18 litre

Net weight : 55 kg

Maximum power consumption : 1,900 W

Supply Voltage CE : 230V – 50Hz

Air expulsion system : Vacuum pump 1, 3, 4 vacuum

Max Load : 4 kg (solid), 1.5 kg (porous)

External dimensions exclude protrusions

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NSK iClave Plus Autoclave

Deploying a Copper Chamber to Match the Advanced Class B Cycle Sterilisation Capacity and Efficiency Standards

Air turbines, contra-angles, and other dynamic dental instruments consist of high-precision micro mechanisms and therefore benefit from careful sterilisation to maintain performance. NSK choose to use a highly conductive copper chamber to satisfy Class B, Europe’s strictest sterilisation standard. The system delivers outstanding efficiency despite its large capacity.

50% more capacity than conventional autoclaves

The iClave plus can fully use its 18 litre capacity because it maintains even temperatures throughout the autoclave chamber and constantly controls the surface temperature. The iClave plus offers 50% more sterilisation space than a conventional stainless steel chamber of the same size, ensuring greater safety by reducing instrument overcrowding.


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